How it Works


Make an appointment for fitting and styling with our expert team, come visit our showroom or browse our online rentals.


Select the perfect look for your event.


Rent your one-of-a-kind pieces for 4–8 days, and dress like you own it.


Coordinate your pickup or UPS return.

“Most ‘special occasion’ items are only worn once, maybe twice, so I couldn’t justify the cost, even for the most fabulous pieces. Well, now I don’t have to fret! I could get used to feeling golden in By:Fashionaholic pieces!!”

– Christina of the No Special Occasion Blog

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We take the stress out of “what will I wear?” Have your Cinderella moment as a stylist finds the perfect selection for your special occasion, and never worry about being seen in the same look twice. Dress like you own it.

Our Story

A Chicago lifestyle and fashion blogger, Janet Mandell had become known for her closet full of one-of-a-kind pieces. Her friends would often borrow clothes and accessories for weekend events–and this gave her husband, Robert Mandell, an idea. He proposed starting a business called Janet’s Closet. Dozens more sizes and styles later, By:Fashionaholic was born.

By:Fashionaholic creates opportunities to experience the luxury of high-fashion for any event. Women can step into the world of couture and one-of-a-kind designer clothing and accessories–all under the guidance of Janet’s expert team. The high-end designer rental service opens the door to unique runway pieces, a one-hour styling session, concierge service, and specially curated pieces to fit each woman’s style and need.